If there is one thing you definitely need to know about me – it is that I am not a fan of Hong Kong, despite having lived here for almost two years now (Yes I am here solely for the job, I can be obstinately contradicting like that).

I don’t think I thought about it very much when I was offered a move from Sydney. You see, I am always up for a change of scene, especially when it involves me whisking away to another country with boxes (and boxes and boxes…) of clothing that I eventually forget about/ chuck away.

But to be fair, Hong Kong offers much to many. And if one claims to be a city girl, you really haven’t been knighted if you haven’t lived here, even if it is just for a while.

But Hong Kong is devoid of beauty and (I suspect) human sanity and sense. I have been challenged umpteen times on this but I hold my stand – especially if you have lived in a place like Sydney where sunsets above Victorian terraces are an everyday thing, and personal space is not a luxury. Colours and  air so crisp it brings you to life – is what I call it!

Sydney – Paddington

So a tip: If you live in Singapore, flights to Australia (offered by the recently launched Scoot) are all the rave right now.

So I was obsessively surfing through the web for 2012 Fall Runways, think I might have found the perfect illustration for Bill Blass‘ “When in doubt, wear red.”

Valentino – Fall 2012 Couture.

Tomorrow, by the way, we revel the Late and Great Alexander McQueen.