When I say McQueen, you say skulls.

But the legend has changed fashion in so many ways than just to help people embrace death in the form of bones. I am drawn to clean classy cuts, and quaint and over-the-top prints, so lookie what I found below! Whilst looking fabulous should be an everyday endeavor (yes it should!), how forgiving will Hong Kong be to such attire? But really who cares, McQueen trumps all!

Alexander McQueen Resort – 2013

I must say inking on this page has gotten quite addictive, mostly because I have so much to share,  yet I am wildly aware of how extensively long posts are a turn-off.

I am a business journalist by trade. So in many of the things I do or pursue, my journalistic instincts come first. Which means, credit goes where credit is deserved. Fact and fiction are separated by a line so bold Lady Gaga would have to step aside.