There was a night over the weekend that I had to stay over at a friend’s place. This was a decision made just before midnight so there was a last minute panic to buy something to wear for the day after. The only apparel store that was open at that deadly hour (and only in the party town of Hong Kong, I suspect) is Cotton On. I have a love-hate relationship with Cotton On. Having lived in Perth during my poorer college kid days, Cotton On clothes were the thing. You get to be trendy in a lousily-cut type-of-way, but the hobo look has always been socially acceptable in Australia anyway, so nothing really bothers.

But the shirt I bought (stupidly too, without trying) on Friday night, I threw away on Sunday morning. There is no room for compromise, I think. If over time (which I think at some point, most people will) you’ve learnt to embrace quality, there are some things that people just shouldn’t experiment with going back on. I am not a mainstream shopper so big brands don’t necessarily appeal to me – cuts, fabrics, quality, original edge and lining certainly do. Safe to say, I think my Cotton On days are over.

2012 has brought in the gungho – in a range of spikes and studs. I think my addiction begun with Alexander Wang’s Diego Drawstring with Rose Gold. It then evolved into something more subtle like Givenchy‘s studded Pandora. But now behold for these by CL – empowering women.


Cl Asteroid


CL studded iPad case.