I think I’ve always flirted with the idea of having a very rustic looking apartment. But moving from city to city means I’m a renter (and have been for the past eight years), and from experience – rustic apartments don’t just look rustic, things generally do fall apart if they look old at all.

It also means even though I lived in beautiful Sydney for a while, I never really picked up a nice piece of vintage furniture (mind you, they were very loosely available). I cannot travel with blocks and also have separate anxiety when it comes to beautiful things. The idea generally becomes, if I don’t own it, I won’t have to cry when it comes time to leave them behind. 

But that doesn’t mean I don’t lust for a nice block of rosewood or the smell of seasoned and oiled single seaters. I came across a photo of a nice new coffee spot in Sydney, run by Andrew and Nectar – some old Greek friends back there. They used to operate Bar Coluzzi (amazing history if you are keen to know), which I reminisce everyday. Russell Crowe goes to Coluzzi (actually he has really old photos framed on the walls), he cycles there for coffee and once sat next to me for over an hour while I was reading a novel, and I didn’t know until a regular came by to ask if I realized. Well, no.

Anyway, their new place has beautiful furniture, here is one shot I found on Nectar’s fb page. Everything is perfect. 


On a totally separate, how beautiful is McQ’s vest?

ImageHave a good weekend y’all.