There’s so much happening and they go by so quickly I sometimes wake up not remembering what had taken place the day before.

I have also been thinking a lot. contemplating the future and looking for things and people who will inspire me to make my next move. I have been toying (seriously) with the idea of going home– back to Singapore– triggered by an anxiety attack that I can no longer deal with the intensity of Hong Kong, and also by the random pangs of homesickness that I have dealt with over the past eight or nine years I have been away. But these thoughts go away, especially when I think about leaving things behind and the what-if-this-is-two-steps-back-s?

I am also contemplating a business on the side (an idea for later but will happen at some point), pushing harder to work out but cannot decide if I want a lean body or something towards muscular. I don’t have much weight to lose but accept that growing older (I am 27) has made it harder in the mornings to lose the massive dinner the night before just by “sleeping it off”. I have been checking out, and believe I might find something there, though I think our objectives and first-instance-trigger may differ.

I am also thinking of refreshing my skincare range, but find no official reason to do so, only excuses plentiful.

The weather is turning over to cool down soon (Yay) so time to focus more on wardrobe refreshments, I think. Lack of captions in the photos, I’ve lost some links but will update once I find them!