I got instructed by my editor today to go home and have a good think about how I can make business reporting more of a narrative – an accurate one that is. Here is what I think – business reporting is distinguished as business reporting for goo reason, it’s the same reason why news anchors speak in the strange way that they do, it’s not really because words are enunciated or that the tone they have adopted makes audience understand them better. In fact, I find it utterly confusing how people feel like the should sound they same just because they hold the same job! Yet, that contradicts whatever it is that I have just said because I guess he is asking my to find my own voice, regardless of the definition of my role.

But I defy, as usual. I am with him in spirit but have chosen not to follow his instructions. I am finding my voice, just in the form of apparels and colours.

Surfing online, I realize I’ve missed the couture collaboration by H&M. If you follow me here long enough, you will find out how I feel about H&M. I stuck around for Marni for H&M and Versace for H&M (both of which I left the store with nothing) but looking back at this couture range (which launched in April this year), I am kicking myself, and even that is an understatement.

I first stumbled upon this on a blog.

And then found this. Now it’s time for me to recuperate from self-detest. Back tomorrow.